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Welcome Letter- PLEASE READ

Congratulations! You are now part of the Sweet to the Soul family! We can’t wait for our event and we are so excited that you will be a part of it! We are so honored you chose us! November 4, 2023 9am-4pm Peoria Sports Complex We are so excited to return to Peoria Sports Complex! Please remember we are guests of the facility. Be courteous to the staff and try to leave your space better than when you found it. We would love to be welcomed back for future events. Peoria Sports Complex is in no way affiliated with our event. Please do not contact them with any questions you may have and please do not go to Peoria Sports Complex with the intent of looking at the potential layout. We will answer any questions by email within 48 hours.


We will be sending out your invoice upon application approval. Payment must be received within 48 hours. Don’t forget, we are accepting a limited number of shops selling the same items. It is important that you secure your spot while it’s still reserved for you!


We will be doing our best to advertise for this event, but we REALLY need your help. We will be posting flyers to our social media accounts. Please “share” these posts. We will also attach files on the vendor's only page on our website. You may print these flyers or save them to your computer to email. We highly encourage you to post previews of what will be sold at your event. It will draw people directly to your booth! Please help us spread the word by inviting your friends, customers, family, and neighbors to our facebook event. We will be posting sneak peeks to this page to get shoppers excited about the event! Facebook also automatically sends out reminders to events, and even sends out notifications to friends of the people attending the event (i.e. Jennifer is attending an event near you!). Advertising Guidelines (vendor responsibility): Vendors must advertise a minimum of once a month leading up to the event on Social Media or by e-mail campaign. In October, vendors must market the event once a week. Please tag us in your posts!

How will I receive updates on the event?

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT You will have access to our vendors only page on our website, Visit our website and click on "Approved Vendors”. Use the password "shopSTTS". Please check this page often. ALL important announcements will be found on this page. It will be where we collect shirt orders, give last minute directions, and post the map with booth numbers. If you do not check this page, you will not receive the information needed to prepare for the boutique. If for any reason you are unable to log in to this site, please email us ASAP. We will also have a support group on Facebook. This page is completely optional, and really fun! It is a place for vendors to ask advice, receive clarification, training tools and become friends with other vendors. We will also post reminders on this page to check the vendors only page on the website, especially when something important has been posted. Please ask to join by visiting: If you are not approved to join the group within 48 hours, or if you have any issues finding the group, please email us at

Admission and Wristbands

General admission for the event is $5 for guests 18 and older. Each vendor will be given two wristbands and will be able to purchase additional helper wristbands at $5/piece. If you would like to add additional people than what is on your application, please email us by October 20. After October 20, additional wristbands can be purchased at the gate. Please check in at the gate to receive your vendor wristbands. Wristbands will be checked anytime you leave/enter the facility. If you purchased give-away wristbands, please email us the give-away winner's names by October 20. The winner's will need to check-in at TICKET GATE B with their ID to collect their wristbands.

Check-In and Parking

We will open our doors to the public at 9:00am. Gates will open to vendors at 6:30 am. Gates will close at 8:00am. Vendors who do not arrive by 7:30am are subject to cancellation. Please park in the general parking lot closest to your check in gate (this will be assigned to you with booth assignments). Per Peoria Sports Complex’s request, you CANNOT pull your car into the facility where the boutique is being held. You must unload from the parking lot. This means, you MUST come prepared. You will need to bring your own moving dolly; we will not provide them. Please move your car to the back of the parking lot before we open to shoppers at 9am. NO CURB PARKING for loading and unloading.

Set-up & Take-down

We will be reviewing booth requests and assigning spaces no later than October 22. Please check the vendor's page on our website for updates and assignments. You can set your booth up however you would like as long as it follows a few rules. We have had some ADORABLE booths in the past. Keep in mind, shoppers will stop at booths that are well thought out, decorated nicely, and organized. Booths that are cluttered and visually unappealing will most likely be skipped. We don’t want this to happen to you! You are responsible for bringing your own table, chairs, and canopy if you are uncovered. You can arrange your tables in any shape you would like, as long as it fits within your 10’x10’ booth. Or, don’t use any tables at all! Set up and take down is your responsibility. Feel free to bring helpers. Taking down your booth before 4:00pm is prohibited. If a vendor takes down before 4:00pm, they will not be invited back. All booths MUST follow fire and health codes. Please be courteous to the vendors around you. Have fun and be creative with your booth, the sky's the limit! We will use tape to map out your booth. Please help us out by pulling your tape up by the end of the day. Any vendor that fails to pull up their tape will be fined $10.

Licensing and TPT

The City of Peoria requires a business license and a TPT. Please call the city with any additional questions. They are super helpful! A link to the application can be found on the vendors page on our website!


Jennifer & Lindsay

your Sweet to the Soul team

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