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Let's get Social!

Updated: Apr 16

Did you know one of the best ways to advertise is with social media? Following and participating in Sweet to the Soul's social media feed is one of the easiest ways to advertise for the fall markets! And advertising for the spring market means more foot traffic for YOU!

The more likes and comments our posts have, the more our posts will be bumped to the top of your friends feeds! This means more exposure for all of Sweet to the Soul's AMAZING vendors AND the spring market where you can find them!

So go ahead, we dare you, press the "follow" button on our account. Double tap our images as you scroll through your feed tonight. Comment on your fellow vendor's posts and give them some love. Tag a friend (or 10) that you think would love the product we just spotlighted. And for heavens sake, use @sweettothesoulmarket in your posts so we can easily repost your products and give you some love.

And go ahead and follow some of your fellow vendors while you're at it, because here at Sweet to the Soul, community ALWAYS comes before competition!


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