COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your support and patience during this time, we don't take it lightly!

At this time, we don't feel that May 9th is a logical date to hold the boutique. The world is hurting more than we could have ever imagined when we rescheduled the boutique weeks ago. Jennifer and I are working around the clock to schedule a date late this summer. At this time, we have reserved an indoor location near Peoria Sports Complex for July 25th. They have asked us not to share the location or details until we know if the COVID-19 virus is controlled and life is able to resume as normal. On May 1, we will re-evaluate the spring market. If July 25th does not work, we will not be rescheduling the spring market. At that point, we will be sending information out to you all on how we will move forward. In the meantime, we will be redesigning our website to allow shoppers to shop small in the comforts of their own homes. What does this look like? Shoppers will be able to go to our website, click on a category of shop (children, home decor, bath and body, etc.) and scroll through our vendors. They will then visit your website and checkout through you personally. You completely have control! Please price items as you see fit. If you don't want to ship items at this time, please let shoppers know directly that items will ship at a later date. If you want to have a pick up location, please do so safely and follow all guidelines by the CDC to keep both you and the shopper safe. ANY vendor that has signed up with us (even if you have received a 50% refund) has access to this service. Please email me your name, shop name, and website to be included. If you have any questions or concerns, it is important that you email us directly so we can properly answer your questions. Thank you guys! We hope you are enjoying time home with your families and that you are all healthy!

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