Booth Assignments

Updated: Apr 9

Please make sure to write your booth assignments down. It will save time checking-in!

This is the last piece of information you need before the boutique, so exciting! Here are a few reminders (and some new things) to remember for market.

Please check-in at your assigned gate. This is where you will receive your vendor wristbands! Everyone helping load into the complex must have a vendor wristband. Vendors in sections A, B, G, H, I, and J will enter through ticket gate B or the surrounding gates (front parking lot). Vendors in sections D, E, and F will enter at ticket gate D (back parking lot). If you are in C, vendors C1-C20 should enter through Gate D and C21-C46 should enter through Gate B. Vendors can arrive any time after 6:00 but must be loaded into the complex at 8:00. Gates will close to vendors at 8:00am. Please load all your items in the gates before 8:00am. Gates may open as early as 8:30 to shoppers to limit the amount of people in line when the market opens.

Please make sure to write down your booth number and gate so you can find your booth on Saturday! It makes the check in process so much quicker!

ABSOLUTELY NO CURB PARKING. Ever. Don’t do it. Please park in a parking space and load your items in. You may need a moving dolly, wagon, or other items to make this process easier.

As a reminder, please do not bring your pets to the boutique.

When you arrive, you will find your booth taped off and numbered. You are responsible for everything you would like to fill within that space. When you clean up your booth, please help us by pulling the tape off the floor and disposing of the tape along

with any trash from your booth. Your space should look just as good or better than when you arrived. Dumpsters are located in section H.

All Vendors and Shoppers are required to wear a face covering while at the event, including loading your items in and out of the complex.

When ringing up shoppers at your booth, please make sure to do so at the center of your booth. This can be in the center back, center middle, or center front of your booth. We will place a chalk “x” to help with this. This will ensure that when you and your neighbors are working with customers for a lengthened period of time, the 2-3 groups are spaced at least 6’ apart.

Per Peoria Sports Complex’s request, no vendor is allowed to pack up and leave before shoppers have left (we will start ushering shoppers out at 4:00pm). If you begin to move your booth before shoppers have left, you will not be allowed to return to Sweet to the Soul.

If you have any further questions about lunch/bathroom breaks, collecting payment at your booth, etc., please refer to your welcome e-mail from with the subject “Welcome to Sweet to the Soul”.

We have been so impressed by our vendors in past shows! You guys all come up with the most creative displays. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We are so excited to meet all of your smiling faces (and say hello again to our incredible returning vendors!). We are so impressed by all of the amazing things you are creating. This event will be a huge success, thanks to you!

Look for Jennifer or I at the boutique. Introduce yourselves. We have most of the names memorized and would love to put a face to your name!


Lindsay Persons & Jennifer Cluff

Booth Assignments 2021
PDF • 947KB

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